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EU report notes Cyprus' high level of alignment with acquis
2003-10-31 16:57:37

by Nicos Bellos

Brussels, Oct 31 (CNA) --- Cyprus has reached a high level of alignment with the acquis communautaire in most policy areas, the EU Commission notes in its comprehensive report on Cyprus' preparation for Accession to be adopted next Wednesday November 5, by the EU Commissioners.

The report, consisting of 64 pages, makes an analysis of the progress made since last year's report on the economic aspect as well as on the implementation of the acquis communautaire.

It also refers to the Cyprus problem and expresses conviction that it can be solved before the island's accession to the EU, noting that if this is not made possible, then the Protocol 10 of the Accession Treaty will be brought into force.

''It should be noted that Cyprus has reached a high level of alignment with the acquis in most policy areas'', the report says.

It is also notes that Cyprus must take ''immediate and decisive action to address three issues of serious concern in two chapters of the acquis, if it is to be ready by the date of accession''.

Those chapters concern the field of agriculture, in particular Cyprus' preparations to put in place its Paying Agency, and to prepare for the application of external trade mechanisms. It also concerns the field of transport policy, as regards maritime safety.

Regarding the Cyprus issue, the Commission expresses its firm conviction that there is a possibility in reaching a solution of the Cyprus issue, before the island's accession to the EU, so that a reunified Cyprus can join the Union.

It notes that in the case of no solution, the Protocol on Cyprus, attached to the Treaty of Accession will be implemented, providing for the suspension of the application of the acquis communautaire in those areas of the Republic where the government of the Republic does not exercise effective control.

According to the report, Cyprus should continue its progress in the areas of liberalization of telecommunications, energy, air transport and post services.

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