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EU's report on Turkey includes references on Cyprus
2003-10-31 17:05:42

by Nicos Bellos

Brussels, Oct 31 (CNA) -- The EU's regular progress report on Turkey, due for publication on November 5th, refers to the Cyprus issue, to the Loizidou vs Turkey case at the European Court of Human Rights, as well as to the ?framework agreement" aiming in establishing a "customs union" between Turkey and the illegal regime in the occupied north of Cyprus.

''On August 8th Turkey signed a framework agreement aiming to establish a customs union with the northern part of Cyprus. Such agreement which has no validity under the international law, would be in breach of Turkey's commitments in its customs union with the EC'', the report says.

It adds that the Turkish government subsequently indicated that the agreement would not be ratified or come into effect.

In paragraph 1.4 of the report on Turkey, the EU Commission notes that the Turkish government has on several occasions confirmed its support for efforts to find a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem, through the continuation of the UN Secretary General's mission of good offices and the negotiations on the basis of his proposals.

''In the course of the enhanced political dialogue with Turkey, and at the EC - Turkey Association Council in April 2003, shortly after the breakdown of talks under UN auspices in the Hague, the Turkish government expressed the hope to see a settlement before May 2004'', the report adds.

It also recalls the EU Council in Thessaloniki of 19 - 20 June 2003, which urged all parties concerned and in particular Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot leadership, to strongly support the UN Secretary General's efforts and called for an early resumption of the talks on the basis of his proposals.

Regarding the Loizidou vs Turkey case, concerning the violation of the applicant's right to property and the non - payment of just satisfaction awarded by the ECHR, in June 2003, ''Turkey declared its intention to comply by October 2003 with the 1998 judgment of the Court'', the EU Commissions report says.

In another point, the report says that by the time it was drafted (the report) Turkey had not made any payment.

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