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Government satisfied with Commission reports on Cyprus and Turkey
2003-11-05 17:21:02

Nicosia, Nov 5 (CNA) - The government of Cyprus has expressed full satisfaction over the contents of the European Commission's progress reports on Cyprus and Turkey.

In statements here Wednesday after the reports were published by the Commission, Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said their contents reflect the outcome of the policy which the government has followed in the recent past towards the European Union.

In its report on Cyprus, the Commission said the island has reached a high level of alignment with the acquis communautaire in most policy areas, something that ranks the Republic in second place among acceding countries as far as its attempt to align itself with EU norms and regulations is concerned.

The Commission warned Turkey in its report on the country that "the absence of a settlement could become a serious obstacle to Turkey's EU aspirations".

"The Cyprus government expresses its full satisfaction with the contents of the progress report on Cyprus", Chrysostomides said adding, "the Commission believes that Cyprus is ready to enter the EU and complies with its obligations towards the acquis communautaire".

On Turkey's report, Chrysostomides pointed out that the Commission would like to see the accession of a united Cyprus to the EU and calls on Turkey to contribute towards a settlement.

Invited to comment on statements made by Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul that Turkey will make greater efforts to solve the Cyprus problem, the Spokesman replied "I think the Turkish policy has realised that its European path goes through the Cyprus problem".

He described as "harsh" statements by Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash against the EU. Denktash was quoted as saying that the EU is trying to "cover up its embarrassment for accepting the Greek Cypriots to the EU by putting pressure on Turkey" for a Cyprus settlement.

The Spokesman reiterated that the Greek Cypriot side wants a solution to the Cyprus problem before the 1st of May 2004 and is ready to resume peace negotiations based on a UN plan, as soon as it is invited by the UN Secretary-General".

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