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CoE Committee orders Turkey to compensate Loizidou
2003-11-13 10:02:00

Nicosia, Nov 12 (CNA) - The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe has given Turkey a week's notice to compensate Greek Cypriot Titina Loizidou for loss of use of her property, occupied by Turkish troops since 1974, according to a European Court of Human Rights decision.

Cyprus Minister of Foreign Affairs George Iacovou said that the Committee adopted this afternoon the Fourth Interim Resolution regarding the European Court of Human Rights' 28th July 1998 decision in the Loizidou vs. Turkey case.

In a written statement, Iacovou notes that the resolution was supported by all Council of Europe member states with the exception of Turkey.

''The resolution gives Turkey a week's notice to pay Titina Loizidou the compensation decided by the Court and expresses the Committee's determination to take all necessary measures against Turkey if she once again fails to do so'', he says.

Iacovou notes that ''the Committee of Ministers expresses its strong disapproval for the fact that so far Turkey has not complied with its obligation, according to Article 46 of the European Convention of Human Rights, to implement the Court's decision''.

It also reaffirms the obligation for unconditional compliance with the Court's decisions and calls on Turkey to reevaluate its position and pay the compensation, he adds.

Iacovou says ''the Committee reached its decision after Turkey's refusal to pay the compensation and her insistence on unacceptable terms that offended the authority of the Court and the Council of Europe''.

''I hope that Turkey, in the context of its European aspirations, will at last comply with the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, respecting the principles and institutions of European law and order'', Iacovou says in his statement.

He also expresses ''gratitude to the Greek government for its valuable help, to all community partners and all other member states of the Council of Europe for the steadfast stance they maintained''.

''I also express my satisfaction towards the members of the diplomatic service and the Permanent Delegation to the Council of Europe for the way they handled the issue'', he concludes.|

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