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Cypriot Spokesman says Turkish General's statements show true face of occupat
2003-11-13 10:19:50

Nicosia, Nov 10 (CNA) - Cyprus government spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said today that Turkish armed forces chief Hilmi Ozkok has once again shown the true face of occupation in Cyprus and proven that Turkish Cypriots are not the main interest of the Turkish occupation troops.

He was commenting on an interview by Ozkok with the Turkish newspaper "Radikal" published today, in which the Turkish general said the invasion and occupation of Cyprus' northern third was not illegal.

Ozkok noted the strategic importance of the island for his country, as "it is situated on a strategic line that starts from Britain and extends to Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus, the Suez Canal, India and Singapore'', Chrysostomides said that ''Ozkok is living in his own world''.

Chrysostomides said the Turkish general "ignores international public opinion and the fact that all countries of the world and all international law experts who have written about the Cyprus problem acknowledge the illegality of the invasion and the continued occupation, with the exception, it appears, of Turkey and Ozkok''.

The spokesman added that Ozkok was also provoking the EU by saying that he could "not conceive any European coming up and saying 'come on, this is European soil, get out of this place in a few days", nor "he could conceive of any European going to Cyprus to fight and die there".

Chrysostomides called on Ozkok to "acknowledge the importance of the messages" included in the report on Turkey issued by the European Commission last week, which noted that an "absence of a settlement (in Cyprus) could become a serious obstacle to Turkey's EU aspirations".

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