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Cyprus FM condemns new terrorist attacks in Istanbul
2003-11-24 15:51:22

Nicosia, Nov 22 (CNA) -- Cyprus' Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned the new terrorist attacks on Thursday at Constantinople (Istanbul) against the headquarters of London-based HSBC Bank and the British consulate, which "resulted in the loss of innocent lives, and the wounding of hundreds of civilians''.

According to a press release issued here Friday the Cyprus FM expresses "on behalf of the government and the people of Cyprus its sincere condolences to the families of the victims, the Government of Turkey, the Government of the United Kingdom and all other governments nationals of which were affected by the bombings".

Confirming its support to coordinated efforts in the fight against terrorism the Foreign Minister notes that the Republic is "appalled and strongly condemns terrorism, which surpasses national borders, religions and cultures".

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