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Cyprus population increases
2003-11-25 09:43:01

Nicosia, Nov 25 (CNA) -- The population in the government-controlled areas of Cyprus increased by 1,4% in the year 2002 reaching 715,000.

This was noted in the 2002 Demographic Report published by the Statistical Service giving, inter alia, an account of population developments and provides data on a time series basis on fertility, mortality and divorces.

The population in the government-controlled area is estimated at 715.100 at the end of 2002 recording an increase of 1,4% over the previous year. It is estimated that 69,1% of the population resides in urban areas, while in the rural areas lives 30,9% of the total.

Referring to fertility in 2002 the number of births in the government controlled area of Cyprus was 7.883 compared to 8.167 in 2001 giving a crude birth rate of 11,1 per thousand population in 2002 compared to 11,6 in 2001.

Similarly, the total fertility rate, which gives the mean number of children per woman decreased to 1,49 in 2002 from 1,57 in 2001. The total fertility rate since 1996 has decreased to a level below the replacement level of 2,10.

The Demographic Report adds that the number of deaths reached 5.168 in 2002 compared to 4.827 in 2001. The infant mortality rate is estimated at 4,7 infant deaths per thousand live births. Life tables for the period 2000-2001 put the expectation of life at birth at 76,1 years for males and 81,0 for females.

Furthermore in 2002 the number of marriages decreased to 10.284 from 10.574 in 2001. Ecclesiastical marriages decreased from 3.684 in 2001 to 3.620 in 2002, and civil marriages from 6.890 to 6.664. Only 102 cases of civil marriages concerned marriages between Cypriots.

In 2002 the number of divorces increased to 1.320 from 1.197 in 2001. The total divorce rate which shows the proportion of marriages that are expected to end up in divorce was in 2002 208 per 1.000 marriages, while in 1980 it was only 42. It is noted that this means that presently one marriage in five ends up in divorce.

In 2002 the net migration balance was positive, estimated at 6.885. According to the Passenger Survey the number of immigrants (Cypriot and foreigners arriving for settlement or for temporary employment for more than one year) was 14.370 in 2002 and the number of emigrants from Cyprus was 7.485.

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