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Loizidou and her lawyer hail Turkey's decision
2003-12-04 17:56:42

Nicosia, Dec 2 (CNA) - Turkey's decision to pay damages to a Greek Cypriot in a case of human rights violation marks an historic day, lawyer Achilleas Demetriades has said, referring to the payment of 1.200.000 euros to Titina Loizidou for loss of use of her property in Turkish occupied Cyprus.

Loizidou welcomed today's development and stressed that Ankara shows in practice that it accepts that it is violating her human rights in Cyprus.

Loizidou and her lawyer, Demetriades, both stressed that Turkey still has a long way to go to fully comply with the European Court of Human Rights judgment since it has to comply with the December 1996 Court ruling relating to access and peaceful enjoyment of her property.

''This is an historic day because by paying the damages Turkey accepts the judgment of the Court. We have now concluded the first phase of the effort to enforce the judgment by the payment of the amount adjudicated by the Court,'' he told CNA.

He said that now the more difficult part of the judgment begins, which is the restoration of Loizidou's human rights.

''This is a very important decision by Turkey because it accepts the Court's judgment, something that brings Ankara closer to Europe and to Europe's public order as this is defined by human rights,'' he added.

In her statement to CNA, Loizidou said she was pleased because the 1996 Court decision began to be implemented.

''Turkey by virtue of executing the decision shows in practice that it accepts that it violates my human rights with regard to the loss of use of my property as well as the access and peaceful enjoyment of it,'' she said.

Today's developments show that the system for the protection of human rights in Europe has been strengthened, she added.

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