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Cyprus satisfied with Loizidou compensation
2003-12-04 18:06:24

Nicosia, Dec 2 (CNA) - The Cyprus government expressed its satisfaction over the payment of the compensation, which the European Court of Human Rights ordered Turkey to pay in violating the rights of Greek Cypriot Titina Loizidou, but voted against two resolutions approved during an unprecedented meeting of the Committee of Ministers at the Council of Europe.

Acting Government Spokesman Marios Karoyian told reporters that Cyprus would continue its efforts for the full implementation of the decisions of the ECHR in the Loizidou case.

In a written statement Karoyan said:

''After five years of contempt of the institutions and principles of the Council of Europe and the adoption of four interim resolutions condemning Turkey, the country has been forced to pay the sum for the just compensation to Mrs. Loizidou for the loss of use of her property, as provided by the judgment.

In practice, Turkey, according to the decision of the Court, accepts its responsibility for the continued violation of the human rights of the people of Cyprus, which is the result of the continued invasion and occupation of Cyprus. It also accepts that the secessionist entity in the occupied areas is a local administration subject to Turkey. The Cyprus government expresses its satisfaction over this development.

The Committee of Ministers, having been informed that Turkey paid the compensation to a Council of Europe account, put into voting two separate draft resolutions which concern, the first, part of the decision of 1998 (regarding the payment of compensation) and the second the execution of the 1996 decision (special and general measures which Turkey must adopt in complying with the decision).

The Republic of Cyprus, for reasons of principle, protection and preserving the integrity and credibility of the European Court of Human Rights, its instruments and institutions of the Council of Europe, and also as a protest for the unfortunate and unorthodox machinations mainly in the last months which aimed to introduce political criteria and expediencies in a clearly legal issue, did not vote in favour of the resolutions.

The Cyprus government expressed its disapproval because Turkey employed various maneuverings, managed to impose political elements in the resolution, which concern efforts to postpone the implementation of the 1996 decision and in addition, to take into consideration its statement that it does not accept responsibility. For this reason, Cyprus' Permanent Representative at CoE, Ambassador Nicos Emiliou, speaking during the meeting, clearly explained the positions of the Republic of Cyprus.

Together with Cyprus, Greece and Russia voted against the resolutions. The Republic of Cyprus will continue all efforts and actions for the full implementation of the decisions of the ECHR, efforts which in a final analysis reinforce the authority, credibility and effectiveness of CoE''.

Answering questions, Karoyan explained that Cyprus endorsed the first resolution concerning the compensation awarded to Loizidou, and expressed satisfaction over it, noting that with this it is clear that ''with its invasion and occupation, Turkey has deprived the citizens of Cyprus fundamental human rights''.

Regarding the deprivation of Loizidou's right for peaceful enjoyment of her property, Karoyan said it seems that the issue will be examined in due time, noting that for this reason the effort to continue strengthening the institutions of the CoE will continue.

He also pointed out that ''with the few means that Cyprus has and bearing in mind its small size, Cyprus gave an honourable and consistent fight in CoE'', which proved that ''above all political expediencies, the principles institutions and values should prevail".

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