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2002-01-27 02:52:58

National Day Anniversary Reception
October 3, 2001

On September 11 the lives of thousands of citizens of the United States and of eighty other countries were shattered as a result of the dreadful terrorist attacks against America.

The human suffering and pain inflicted by these barbaric acts is beyond description. The shock from the loss and devastation has permanently affected not only the American people but of all of us, because these evil actions were directed against the very values and principles upon which our civilization is based: freedom, democracy, tolerance.

To help and relieve us during these trying period, we have father John from the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sophia for a few moments of prayer, in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks.


The National Day of Cyprus that we commemorate today, reminds us of the great strides that our country has made during the 41 years since Independence. But, it also painfully reminds of the continuing 27-year long division of our country and our people that has caused so much suffering and anguish. EU membership constitutes a WIN-WIN proposition and remains our hope for a better future in progress, prosperity, stability and peace for all our citizens from both communities.

On this National Day we feel the need to reiterate to our American friends that our bonds are now stronger than ever before. We fully share your grief and pain and we stand in full solidarity in your demand for justice and for the eradication of terrorism.

Cyprus is already contributing and will continue to do everything possible for the success of the global campaign to rid our world from the scourge of terrorism. Our support and cooperation with the United States is full and persistent, as well as our determination not to rest until justice is done. We stand united and we shall win this struggle united.

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