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Cyprus' unemployment rate at 4.8%
2004-02-03 19:48:43

Nicos Bellos

Brussels, Feb 3 (CNA) -- Unemployment in Cyprus stood at 4.8% in December 2003, a Eurostat press release said here today.

Cyprus holds the best record among acceding countries and the fifth best among the EU25 as regards unemployment levels.

According to Eurostat, unemployment rate in Cyprus for males stood at 4.3% and for females at 5.3%.

The EU15 unemployment rate was 8.0% in December 2003, unchanged compared to November 2003.

Eurozone seasonally-adjusted unemployment stood at 8.8% in December 2003.

High unemployment rates are being recorded for under-25s, as in December 2003 the unemployment rate was 16.6% in the eurozone and 15.4% in the EU15.

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