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Erdogan and Gul express reservations regarding Annan invitation
2004-02-09 18:15:24

Istanbul NTV television (06.02.04) broadcast that an intense phone traffic took place between Ankara and Washington on the solution of the Cyprus question this evening. The phone conversation that took place between Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul and US Secretary of State Colin Powell was followed by another phone conversation between Prime Minister Erdogan and US President Bush.

The efforts being exerted by Washington to enable the sides in the Cyprus issue to sit at the negotiating table in New York on 10 February are being intensified. Upon the request made by the Turkish side to establish contact, Powell called Gul.

The point reached in the aftermath of the invitation UN Secretary-General Annan extended to the sides was discussed during the phone conversation. It is reported that the Turkish side conveyed its reservations regarding the conditions put forth in Annan's invitation and sought Powell's support to change those conditions.

In the aftermath of the Powell-Gul phone conversation, another conversation was held between Erdogan and Bush. Erdogan conveyed the message that the Turkish side will be in New York on 10 February. He also asked that the factors he brought up at the meeting he held with Annan in Davos be taken into consideration.

Istanbul CNN TURK Television (07.02.04) broadcast that the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mr Abdullah Gul revealed that UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan?s letter of invitation for the resumption of the Cyprus talks contains elements that do not please Turkey. Participating in ?The Whole Truth? program moderated by Taha Akyol, Gul remarked that he spoke with US Secretary of State Colin Powell in order to overcome the impasse, and asked him to become involved. Gul stated that Rauf Denktas will comply with Annan?s call and go to New York.

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