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Turkish Cypriots demonstrate for peace, settlers support Denktas
2004-02-11 13:07:24

Ankara Anatolia (10/02/04)reported from occupied Nicosia that the "Action for determination and a solution by 21 May" was organized in Nicosia by a number of political parties and civil society organizations.

Republican Turkish Party General Secretary Ferdi Sabit Soyer, who spoke at the action, said that an intense discussion is underway in New York in accordance with the timetable of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, which foresees a settlement by 1 May.

Soyer pointed out that "The desire of the Turks of Cyprus for a settlement and for the European Union coincides with the desire of 70 million people [in Turkey] for democratization and the EU", Soyer said he had full confidence that a settlement will be achieved.

Soyer maintained that "Denktas and Turkey must finally understand that the status quo cannot continue".

Peace and Democracy Movement (PDM) Chairman Mustafa Akinci, for his part, expressed the hope that the action would be the last action voicing the call for a solution and the EU, and that meetings after this would be held to celebrate the settlement and EU membership.

Solution and European Union Party (SEUP) Chairman Ali Erel, noting that the Turks of Cyprus have stood up for their own future, and that Annan has not taken any steps backwards, said that a solution on the basis of the Annan Plan is not in the vision of Denktas.

In another move, the illegal settlers Association has claimed that "Cyprus, the national cause of the Turkish nation, cannot be handed over to the Greek and Greek Cypriot duo for the sake of the fantasy of the European Union."

The Association?s President Hakan Yozcu, in a written statement, criticized the JDP [Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party] government and charged that the statements made to date on the Cyprus issue by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan have been inconsistent and have given strength to the other side.

Hakan Yozcu maintained that no political force in Cyprus or Turkey will be able to make concessions or sell out Cyprus, and that the Turkish nation will in time give the necessary lesson to those who want to make concessions.

He concluded: "President Denktas is one of the greatest leaders that the Turkish world has produced". He has devoted his life to the Cyprus cause, has made this cause the struggle for the honor of the Turkish world, and he has taken his strength from the Turkish nation, which has always been at his side."

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