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Greek Americans call for changes in the Annan plan
2004-02-18 15:22:59

Nicosia, Feb 18 (CNA) -- Major Greek American organisations have called for serious changes in the Annan plan, noting that it is in the interests of the US to make it democratic, workable, financially viable and just.

The organisations are the Order of AHEPA, the Hellenic American National Council, the Cyprus Federation of America, the Panepirotic Federation of America, the Pan-Macedonian Association of America and the American Hellenic Institute.

In a joint statement the organisations said ''the Annan plan is undemocratic and unworkable. It needs serious modifications to make it democratic, workable, financially viable, just and compatible with American values and the EU's acquis communautaire and democratic norms, the European Convention on Human Rights and key UN resolutions.''

''It is in the interests of the US to press for such changes for a settlement that will last and which could be a useful model for other international problems including Iraq,'' they noted.

They said the UN proposal for a settlement "is undemocratic, unworkable, subverts property rights, fails to fully demilitarize Cyprus and that the proposed territorial adjustment is clearly unfair."

''The US Special Coordinator for Cyprus, Ambassador Tom Weston, should be seeking changes in the Annan plan to make it democratic, workable, financially viable and just,'' they noted.

They stressed ''the US bears the major responsibility for Turkey's aggression and should now be willing to stand up and hold Turkey accountable for its aggression by calling for Turkey's armed forces and settlers to leave Cyprus now, Turkey to pay damages for all the destruction and loss of life she caused, Turkey to pay to all property owners the losses they have suffered from Turkey's occupation of their property since 1974 as Turkey was forced by the Council of Europe to pay Titina Loizidou under threat of expulsion and Turkey to pay for the costs of resettlement of the Greek Cypriot refugees.''

''To achieve a settlement, the US should apply forceful economic, political, and diplomatic pressure on Turkey, including sanctions if necessary, to get Turkey to remove its 35,000 armed forces and its 100,000 colonists from Cyprus,'' they concluded.

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