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Iacovou says Denktash's proposals outside Annan Plan
2004-02-19 15:01:59

Larnaca, Feb 19 (CNA) - Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs Georgios Iacovou said the proposals submitted by Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan remain outside the philosophy and parameters of the Annan solution Plan.

Iacovou, who made the statement before departing for Brussels, said it is up to the UN Secretary-General's Special Adviser on Cyprus Alvaro de Soto to tell Denktash that his approach is outside the framework of the UN plan so that such issues will not be discussed.

Commenting on today's resumption of the UN-led peace talks, Iacovou said the meeting dealt with many procedural issues.

He admitted that the timeframe until the 1st of May, when Cyprus will enter the European Union, is very limited in finding a solution, noting that ''our wish is for sincere negotiations to take place and find a mutually acceptable solution''.

To a remark that Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos said after today's first meeting in Nicosia between him and Denktash, chaired by de Soto, that many issues raised by the Turkish Cypriot side are outside the framework of the Annan Plan, Iacovou said ''it is a fact that Mr. Denktash's proposals, which were submitted to Mr. Annan, are indeed outside the framework and philosophy of the Secretary General''.

''At this moment it depends on Mr. De Soto to tell Mr. Denktash whether his approach is outside the framework of the Annan Plan and therefore it will not be discussed'', Iacovou said.

In the event these issues are discussed, Iacovou warned that ''the Greek Cypriot side will raise issues which it considers fundamental and which it did not intend to raise at this stage''.

Iacovou explained that Denktash raised issues concerning terminology and international state, reinforced bizonality, reduction of the number of Greek Cypriots who will return under Greek Cypriot administration and perhaps a change on the territorial aspect of the Annan proposals.

The Minister pointed out that these are fundamental principles of the Annan Plan. Therefore it seems they will be discussed if Denktash insists, he said.

Iacovou further said that issues which deal with the fundamental interpretations such as a bizonal, bicommunal state and Denktash's pursuit for the component states to have their own sovereignty to the disadvantage of the sovereignty of the common federal state cannot be raised.

The Minister said the Greek Cypriot side had reacted to these issues while in New York and it was underlined that they are outside the framework.

Furthermore, he said President Papadopoulos will evaluate the course of the talks after a few days and will decide whether to convene the National Council.

Referring to his Brussels trip, Iacovou said he will participate in a meeting to determine the external affairs policy of the EU and on Monday he will take part in the General Affairs Council, which he and his Greek counterpart Tasos Yiannitsis will brief on the latest developments on Cyprus. Iacovou and Yiannitsis will also hold meeting with their EU counterpats.

Iacovou will also meet EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana.

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