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Christofias calls for US influence for positive result of talks
2004-03-01 13:05:46

Nicosia, Mar 1 (CNA) - Cypriot House of Representatives President Demetris Christofias called on US State Department Coordinator for Cyprus Thomas Weston to exert all his influence on the Turkish Cypriot side in order to get a positive result from the negotiations for a Cyprus settlement ''so that a reunited Cyprus can enter the EU''.

Welcoming Weston, who gave assurances that the US is willing to support the implementation of a settlement, Christofias said his visit comes at the most crucial stage of the Cyprus problem.

He said the two agreed on the need for the two leaders in the negotiations for a comprehensive settlement to reach an agreement so that a completed Annan plan will be placed before the people of Cyprus in April for rejection or approval during referenda.

Christofias received assurances from Weston that the US will assist in the financial aspect of a Cyprus settlement.

The House speaker said he and Weston agreed that ''any pressure, appeal or invitation from the part of the powers such as the US, Britain or the EU for a 'yes' should be under the condition that the changes achieved will make the Annan plan viable.''

If that is not achieved, Christofias added, then there will be mixed feelings among the people of Cyprus and that would cause more difficulties.

''I have pointed out to Mr. Weston that it is very significant, and I think we agree on this, that the two sides should show the necessary goodwill and discuss within the framework and basis of the Secretary General's plan, to exonerate demands that are contrary to the Annan plan,'' Christofias said.

''This should be done,'' he added, ''so that from the first stage the changes agreed will make the solution functional and viable and, if possible, Greece and Turkey will only have to deal with the security issue, thus making the work of the Secretary-General in the final stage easier.''

Christofias said President Tassos Papadopoulos' positions are clearly within the framework of the Annan plan, are creative and aim at a constructive handling of the whole effort.

Weston said they had ''a very sincere discussion about the necessity of the leaders of the two communities at the negotiations that are taking place now.''

He further said that he gave assurances that the US is willing ''to support in every way it can, including in terms of financial resources, the implementation of a settlement.''

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