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Cypriot parties urge international community to support settlement
2004-03-01 13:14:33

Nicosia, Mar 1 (CNA) -- Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot political parties have called upon the international community to commit to politically and financially supporting the solution of the Cyprus problem.

In a joint communique issued after their regular meeting at UN-controlled Ledra Palace in Nicosia, the politicians said they ''exchanged views on the ongoing negotiations for the solution of the Cyprus problem and called on the two parties to engage in a substantial and constructive dialogue within the framework of the New York agreement with the aim of reaching a solution during the first stage of the negotiations''.

They also ''urge the international community to commit in supporting politically and financially the solution of the Cyprus problem and hope the expected donors' conference to be held before the referendums will contribute to this goal''.

The communique was read to the press by Slovakia's Ambassador in Nicosia Jan Varso, who takes the initiative for these bicommunal meetings. He concluded that the next meeting of the leaders and the representatives of the political parties would be held on April 5.

The Greek Cypriot parties at today's meeting were AKEL, Democratic Rally, Democratic Party, Social Democrats EDEK Movement, United Democrats, Cyprus Green Party, Fighting Democratic Movement (ADIK), and Eurodemocratic Reformist Party.

The Turkish Cypriot political parties represented were Republican Turkish Party, Democratic Party, Peace and Democracy Movement, Patriotic Unity Movement, Socialist Party, United Cyprus Party, Solution and EU Party, and Communal Liberation Party.

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