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Cypriot chambers satisfied over resumption of talks
2004-03-15 11:53:19

Nicosia, Mar 5 (CNA) - The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KEVE) and the Turkish Cypriot chamber of commerce express their satisfaction over the resumption of negotiations for a Cyprus settlement on the basis of a solution plan proposed by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, so that a reunited island may join the EU in May this year.

In a press release, KEVE says the two chambers believe that a settlement should provide for a fully functional market economy and that any transitional measures and periods should not exceed the absolutely necessary time frames.

KEVE adds that the aim should be a single economy, noting that economic inequalities between the two communities on the island should be smoothened out as soon as possible.

The two chambers also believe that there should be a single Central Bank, which would safeguard monetary stability, proper exchange reserve administration, and a central and coordinated management of public debt, both for the federal government and the constituent states.

They call upon the political leaders of the two communities to work in good faith towards a functional and viable solution of the Cyprus problem, and furthermore call on possible international donors and organisations to assist the implementation of a settlement through generous contributions and guarantees, which would help Cyprus successfully handle the economic aspects of a reunited homeland.

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