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Bicommunal Youth Forum wants Cyprus solution
2004-03-29 12:28:16

Nicosia, Mar 28 (CNA) -- Thirteen political youth organisations, comprising the island's Bicommunal Forum, have appealed to the leaders of the Greek Cypriot and the Turkish Cypriot communities as well as Greece and Turkey to meet the wishes of Cypriot youth and agree on a deal that would reunite their country.

In a declaration adopted today during a gathering at a Nicosia park, more than 200 members from the 13 organisations called on all sides involved in the UN-led talks to negotiate on the basis of a UN proposal to agree on any amendments to the mutual benefit of both communities that would render a solution functional and more viable.

The youth organisations said they continued to support UN efforts to find a negotiated settlement that would provide for a bizonal, bicommunal federation with one sovereignty, one international personality based on UN resolutions, international law and the European Union acquis communautaire.

''We the young people of Cyprus are not going to be carried away by nationalist practices of division and isolation. Our vision is to have a united Cyprus, a federal Cyprus, in peace, security, democracy and prosperity,'' the declaration said.

One of the participants, Greek Cypriot George Loukaides, expressed hope that the UN proposal would be amended to help make the solution viable and said the youth of Cyprus continued to strive for a federal Cyprus.

Turkish Cypriot Urum Solyally said the political leadership should take heed of the wishes of the younger generation in Cyprus.

Greek Cypriot politicians Eleni Mavrou and Averof Neofytou cautioned against any premature judgment on the UN proposal, the Annan plan, before the final text was agreed on.

Young children painted for a reunited Cyprus and send messages of peace in Greek and Turkish.

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