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G/C and T/C actors march for peace in Cyprus
2004-03-29 12:32:43

Nicosia, Mar 27 (CNA)-- Over two hundred Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot actors joined today on the occasion of World's Day Theatre, in a theatrical parade and marched from the Kyrenia Gate in the occupied part of Nicosia to the municipal theatre in the government controlled areas.

Members of the ultra nationalist ''Grey Wolves'' organization tried to block the parade titled ''Peace for Cyprus'' while passing the Serayi Square where ''policemen'' of the puppet regime were gathered in an effort to put order.

To avoid incidents, the organizers of the parade changed route and arrived at Ledra's checkpoint through another road where they sang and danced until they reached Elefteria Square.

In their joint declaration, the organizers, ''Satiriko Theatro'' and T/C Theatre, referring to World Day's Theatre note that ''theatre means life, love, peace''.

They also note that peace in Cyprus depends of Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

Director of ''Satiriko Theatro'' Costas Kafkarides stated that it is the first time that G/C and T/C actors celebrate World's Day Theatre in a demonstration for peace in Cyprus.

Director of T/C Theatre Yultsen Kesyoglou characterized ''Grey Wolves'' as pseudopatriots and persons who are against a peaceful solution of the Cyprus problem.

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