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Greek Cypriot side not satisfied on basic points in 4th Annan Plan
2004-03-30 11:14:07

by Maria Koniotou

Burgenstock, Mar 30 (CNA) -- The Greek Cypriot side is satisfied with some points in the revised Annan Plan presented to the parties on Monday by Secretary-General Kofi Annan, but is not satisfied as far as the fundamental points are concerned, Cyprus Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides has stated.

Speaking to reporters late last night as the National Council met to examine the latest revised version of the UN Secretary-General's plan for a comprehensive settlement to the Cyprus problem, Chrysostomides said some very important issues for the Greek Cypriot side have been given to the other (Turkish) side.

The Spokesman stressed that the issues which satisfy the Greek Cypriot side is the fact that the Convention on Human Rights is included in the plan, something which was absent in the past, as well as the alteration in the Senate's and Parliament's presidency every five years.

Regarding issues, which were given to the other side, Chrysostomides said this was the community vote as far as the Senate is concerned and the presence of troops after Turkey's EU accession.

The Spokesman said "efforts to secure improvements will continue".

The Spokesman conveyed to the Cypriot people a message of calm from President Tassos Papadopoulos.

"What the President would like to convey is for all to remain calm and composed and our final positions will be announced to the people of Cyprus after everything that was presented to us is examined and deliberations in Lucerne are completed".

He said that last night, there was an initial evaluation of the plan by the National Council, top advisory body to the President on the handling of the Cyprus problem, in a "spirit of cooperation, unity and constructive exchange of ideas where it was ascertained that in some points which our side has asked for, it was satisfied, in other fundamental issues, however, it was not".

Chrysostomides said the reply of the Greek Cypriot side to SG Annan will be prepared within the context of the National Council discussion and will include all issues which "we deem necessary to be discussed with the Secretary-General".

Asked if there are serious permanent derogations from the acquis communautaire, the Spokesman said this is a serious issue "which constitutes a fundamental position for us and the situation remains unaltered".

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