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Overseas Cypriots agree on need for Cypriots to decide freely
2004-04-06 14:11:17

Nicosia, Apr 6 (CNA) -- Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot overseas organizations have said that the time had come for Cypriots to decide on their future freely in this month's referenda on a UN proposal for a comprehensive settlement.

A joint communique, issued after a visit of representatives of about seven Cypriot organizations abroad to the European Parliament, called on the UN Secretary General and the European Union to continue supporting the efforts of Cypriots in arriving at a solution.

The communique outlining the points of consensus among participating organizations to the Brussels meeting also said that the common vision was a united Cyprus, member of the EU, with a federal, bicommunal and bizonal structure.

''This is the moment for Cypriots to decide their future freely in the 24th of April referenda,'' it said, and expressed support for a demilitarised Cyprus where all its legal citizens enjoy equal human rights in accordance with the aquis communitaire.

The basis of the solution are the principles and resolutions of the Security Council of the UN, it added.

Cypriot organizations also emphasized the need to immediately pursue humanitarian issues including the fate of missing persons in Cyprus.

Cypriots living abroad reaffirmed their willingness and decisiveness to work together for an honest, peaceful, workable and long-lasting solution of the problem and said they would continue meeting and would strengthen cooperation in the future particularly after the 24th of April referenda.

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