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Cypriots should decide their fate on their own, says Cyprus Commissioner
2004-04-14 16:13:53

Nicosia, Apr 14 (CNA)--European Union Commissioner-designate for Cyprus Markos Kyprianou said that the people of Cyprus should be left on their own to decide on their future in the separate and simultaneous referenda set for April 24.

Replying to questions during the hearing session at the European Parliament in Brussels, Kyprianou said that the Cyprus problem ''is complicate one'' adding that given the complexity of the problem ''we have a complex proposed solution.''

Noting that the UN-led process for reunifying Cyprus, is in its final stage, since UN Chief Kofi Annan's final plan would be put to referenda in ten days, Kyprianou noted ''the fact the people themselves will choose how to continue in the future, at least on this specific plan, it is the basic expression of democracy.''

The Cypriot Commissioner-designated added that he accepts the position as expressed by political groups ''that the people of Cyprus should be allowed to decide on their own on this issue, taking to account the positive and the negative aspects of this decision'', adding that in his capacity as Cyprus Finance Minister, he explained the fields of his competence to the people, so they would be able to make an informed decision.

He assured that whatever the result of the referenda is ''I will objectively as a European Commissioner, taking to account first of all the European interests but also the issues of Cyprus and the other member states work for the implementation of whatever decision is taken and the new policies and the decisions taken by the European Commission and the European Union when the people of Cyprus have decided''.

Kyprianou noted that one of these issues is whether ''we would be able to make the accession of Cyprus to benefit the whole of the island and all the people of the island.''

''If of course there is a 'yes' vote at the referendum then this is easy, the whole of Cyprus would join gradually, the acquis will apply and the benefits will extend to all the people'', Kyprianou said, noting however ''if not, then the efforts that began by the Commission should continue''.

He suggested that the EU funds ''allocated for the northern part of Cyprus in case of solution should be spend and appropriated even if there is no solution for the time being''.

''The Commission and I will make every effort in this respect, should come up with new ideas so as to benefit also the Turkish Cypriots, the northern part of the island to be able to raise the standard of living as much as possible'', he concluded.

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