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Thousands Turkish Cypriots demonstrated in favour of a ?yes? vote
2004-04-15 17:29:51

Turkish Cypriot illegal BAYRAK television station (14.04.04) broadcast that thousands Turkish Cypriots participated in a rally yesterday calling for a ?yes? vote at the 24 April referendum. The rally was organised by the platform ?This Country is Ours?.

Political parties, labour unions, and nongovernmental organizations that make up the Platform gathered at 11:00 in the morning at Inonu Square in occupied Nicosia. Some of the unions went on strike in order to participate in the rally. The participants held blue and white balloons and the flag of the united Cyprus republic in their hands. Before the speeches a local band gave a concert.

The demonstrators chanted the slogan "peace cannot be prevented in Cyprus." They carried placards that read "yes to the Annan plan," "naturally yes," "yes will link us to the rest of the world", "everything for our children," and "Cyprus say yes and the world will be with you."

Ali Gulle, chairman of the Revolutionary Labour Unions Federation, spoke on behalf of the ?This Country is Ours? Platform. He stressed that a solution based on the Annan plan must be reached in Cyprus, and promised that the Turkish Cypriots would continue to wage a struggle to ensure that a united Cyprus joins the EU.

Gulle called on the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots to say yes at the referendum. ?Only saying yes is not enough for peace?, he said, and urged all political forces on the island not to shun their historic responsibilities at this historic crossroads. ?Grasp this honorable mission which history charges you with, and do whatever you can for a positive outcome at the referendum?, he said.

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