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Cypriot Government calls for responsible attitude
2004-04-16 12:00:49

Nicosia, Apr 16 (CNA) -- Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides has called for calmness and a responsible approach for now and in the months ahead.

His call came as the people of Cyprus prepare to vote on 24th April in a referendum on a UN proposal for a comprehensive settlement (the Annan plan) and following different positions the Greek Cypriot parties have adopted towards the plan.

In his press briefing, Chrysostomides expressed the government's appreciation to all the states and organizations that have pledged assistance towards meeting the cost of a settlement.

He also said that irrespective of the outcome of the referendum and Athens' yes to the Annan plan, there is no rift in relations between Greece and Cyprus.

''On 24th April, the people of Cyprus will take a decision that will determine the course of history in our country. We need to be moderate in the expression of conflicting opinions,'' the spokesman said.

He said irrespective of the outcome of the referendum on the 24th, everybody should be there to deal with the fallout of either a yes or a no vote.

''Patriotism means having a sense of collective responsibility towards the present and the future of our country and we need to remain calm before the referendum and be prepared for a common course afterwards,'' he stressed.

Replying to questions, Chrysostomides thanked all governments and international organizations for their intention to provide financial assistance to Cyprus in implementing the solution.

''Every assistance and support, no matter where it comes from, is welcomed and we appreciate their readiness to help,'' he added, pointing out that when there is a solution, sooner or later, financial assistance will be needed.

On the Greek government decision on the Annan plan, the spokesman said this did not spell out a rift between Athens and Nicosia and noted Greek premier's Costas Karamanlis' point that the people of Cyprus have the democratic right to decide in the referenda and that Greece would continue to support Cyprus.

''We all have our opinion regarding a yes and a no to the Annan plan. This does not mean a rift between Greece and Turkey, on the contrary it means a common course of action after the democratic yes or no to the referendum,'' he said.

Prime Minister Karamanlis had said the positive elements in the plan outweigh the negative provisions and pointed out that Cyprus' accession to the European Union could to ease any obstacles.

He said Greece could not take a stance on the issue before the leaders and the political forces in Cyprus had the time to negotiate and give their positions in a responsible manner in what is a difficult choice.

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