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Cyprus in better position to negotiate settlement
2004-10-15 15:22:42

CNA - NEW YORK-USA - 15/10/2004 11:10:31

by Apostolis Zoupaniotis

New York, 15 Oct (CNA) -- In the aftermath of the 24 April referenda having ''avoided the worse'', Cyprus as a full member of the European Union is in a good position, and may be in a better one, to negotiate a fair settlement of the Cyprus problem, Permanent Representative of Cyprus to the UN, Ambassador Andreas Mavroyiannis, has stated.

In a speech at the Hellenic Banker's Annual Charitable Event Mavroyiannis said that it would be a terrible mistake to consider the Annan Plan as the one and only blue print for a settlement in Cyprus or as the only one providing for a federal solution.

He pointed out that in politics and diplomacy there is no such thing as ''a last effort to win the peace'' and that negotiations should continue in order to achieve a mutually acceptable solution.

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