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US look at obstacles in establishing air connections with occupied Cyprus
2004-10-25 10:05:57

by Demetris Apokis

Washington, Oct 23(CNA) -- US State Department Deputy Spokesman Adam Ereli said the United States are looking at obstacles that stand in the way of establishing air connections between North Cyprus and other destinations, including the United States.

Speaking during his regular briefing, Ereli explained that this is as part of their policy to look at ways to support Secretary-General Annan's recommendations that facilitate a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem by ending the isolation of the Turkish Cypriot community.

Replying to a question, he said that two working officials from the Transportation Security Administration visited the illegal E r c a n airport in the occupied village of Tymbou, on October 20th and 21st with the purpose to develop more information about airport security and the security of air travel into and from North Cyprus.

''We have not made any decisions about whether to establish flights between the United States and North Cyprus and the International Civil Aviation Organization was not involved in this visit'', he added.

Asked who is isolating the Turkish Cypriots, the powerful Turkish army or the Greek Cypriots, Ereli said ''the situation as it prevails, the division of the island is an isolating factor for the North Cypriots''.

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