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Cyprus' Representantive welcomes SC resolution for UNFICYP
2004-10-25 10:24:48

by Apostolis Zoupaniotis

United Nations, Oct 23 (CNA) -- Permanent Representative of Cyprus to the United Nations, Ambassador Andreas Mavroyiannis welcomed the adoption by the Security Council of the resolution on the review of the peace-keeping operation in Cyprus (UNFICYP) and the extension of the mandate of the Force until June 2005.

In a statement to the press, Mavroyiannis said the Cyprus government agreed to the extension of the peacekeeping force in Cyprus believing that it's presence is necessary.

''At the same time we appreciate and concur with the fact that the review has proved that the mandate does not need any change. What is going to change is the concept of operation of UNFICYP. We are ready to go along with this change and we are happy with the way the review was carried out'', he added.

Thanking all involved in the review of UNFICYP, Ambassador Mavroyiannis said ''we believe that the result is a welcome one and it takes into account the fact that resources are currently under strain as far as peacekeeping operations are concerned''.

He pointed that we are doing our utmost but as stated in the report, the situation on the ground has not fundamentally changed and the presence of the peacekeeping force in Cyprus is still necessary.

''So we are happy that the review concurs with this view, and we are ready to work very closely with the United Nations on this. We thank all the members of the Council for their cooperation'', concluded.

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