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Straw: Recognition of Cyprus, an issue discussed with Turkey
2004-10-25 10:31:39

by Kyriacos Tsioupras

London, Oct 24 (CNA) - British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said that Turkish recognition of the Republic of Cyprus is one in a range of issues which he has in a regular dialogue with Ankara.

Straw was replying to a question by Labour MP Tom Cox in the House of Commons on whether he would make representations to the Turkish government officially to recognise the state of the Republic of Cyprus.

''I have a regular dialogue with the Turkish government on a range of issues relating to Cyprus. Turkish recognition of the Republic of Cyprus is one of them'', stated.

Replying to another question put out by Cox, Straw said ''the principal issues involving the whole of Cyprus on which the cooperation of the Turkish government is required is efforts to find a comprehensive settlement to the Cyprus problem''.

British Minister for Europe Denis MacShane answering a question by Labour MP Andrew Mackinlay on the assessment Britain has made of the compatibility of the Annan Plan provisions on property, said ''we are content that the property component of the Annan Plan is compatible with the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949''.

Replying also to a question in relation to Turkish Cypriots, Secretary of State for the Home Department Des Browne said that following the entry of the Republic of Cyprus to the European Union on 1 May 2004, Cypriot nationals like all other EEA nationals may exercise free movement rights in the UK including the right to enter the UK on production of a valid passport or identity card.

He noted that this right of movement includes the right of movement as a worker adding that to exercise these rights they must be in a possession of a passport or identity card issued by the Republic of Cyprus.

''The EU acquis remains suspended in the North of Cyprus'', he pointed out saying that documentation that has been issued by the illegal regime in Turkish-occupied north of Cyprus "would not be accepted as evidence that the individual has the right of free movement as an EEA national or for travel to the UK''.

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