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Cyprus President congratulates George Bush
2004-11-04 10:54:01

Nicosia, Nov 4 (CNA) -- Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos has congratulated warmly US President George Bush on his election victory, which secured him a second term in office, and wished him every success in the performance of his high duties.

In a letter to President Bush, Papadopoulos says he looks forward to continuing US interest in Cyprus and to Washington's contribution to a viable and functional bizonal, bicommunal federation, based on UN resolutions and international law.

Papadopoulos refers to the leading role the US plays in the world arena, particularly in the field of combating international terrorism and securing world peace and stability, and noted that a second term in office provides the US President with another historic opportunity to respond successfully to this challenge.

President Papadopoulos expresses the conviction that the US would seek the broader possible international cooperation to strengthen the role of international and regional organizations, in particular the United Nations, for a more collective and effective handling of world affairs.

''I believe that this is an expectation shared by all heads of state and government who are in Brussels today for the European Council summit,'' President Papadopoulos adds.

''I also wish to see that during your second term in office your administration's interest in Cyprus will continue and that the US will contribute, in an objective manner, to a functional and viable solution in Cyprus, a bizonal, bicommunal federation on the basis of UN resolution and international law,'' he says.

''I am certain that you share the view that such a solution of the question of Cyprus will contribute the utmost to regional stability and security, which are so necessary in this sensitive area of the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean,'' President Papadopoulos' letter concludes.

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