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Klosson: US interested in expanding Cyprus-US business ties
2004-11-08 11:29:07

Nicosia, Nov 8 (CNA) -- In the year 2003 the US exported 327 million US dollars worth of goods to Cyprus, and in turn Cyprus exported 25 million US dollars worth of goods to the United States, US Ambassador in Nicosia Michael Klosson said today.

Speaking at a seminar titled ''Doing business with the US'', Klosson also reassured that the US is very interested in expanding business ties between the United States and Cyprus.

''In 2003, according to US statistics, the US exported 327 million dollars worth of goods to Cyprus, making us Cyprus' eighth largest supplier of imports. In turn, Cyprus exported 25 million dollars worth of goods to the United States, making the US Cyprus' eighth largest export market, he said.

The US Ambassador noted that Cyprus' EU accession provides both new challenges and new opportunities for the commercial relations of both countries.

He added that dozens of US companies are represented in Cyprus, and many Cypriot products, such as beverages and dairy products, have done remarkably well in the US in recent years.

''For instance, it is now possible to buy Haloumi (Cyprus' traditional cheese) in many US grocery stores, he said.

During the seminar, officials from the US Departments of Agriculture and Commerce gave the participants information on how to do business with the US.

The seminar was co-organised by the US Embassy in Nicosia and the Cyprus-American Business Association.

''We are glad to see these business relationships grow and flourish as they reinforce the strong economic bond between our two countries, Klosson said.

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