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Cyprus FM: No issue of recognition of pseudostate by US
2004-11-09 09:55:59

Larnaca, Nov 9 (CNA) -- Cyprus Foreign Minister George Iacovou has ruled out any possibility that there is a US plan to recognise the illegal state unilaterally declared in Cyprus' northern part occupied by Turkish troops since 1974.

At the same time, the Cypriot official said the recognition by the US of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) as ''Republic of Macedonia'', is not connected with press information that an American aircraft landed last week at the illegal airport ''Ercan'' at Tymbou situated in the Turkish-occupied areas.

The Cypriot FM made this statement at Larnaca airport this morning, on his departure for London, where he will address tonight a gathering organised by the Cypriot Brotherhood in the UK, where around 80 British MP's have been invited to participate.

''This event is organised successfully in the past 20 years. The Foreign Minister of Cyprus has the chance to present the positions of the government to an important number of British Parliamentarians'', he noted.

Invited to comment on information that an American aircraft landed at the illegal airport at Tymbou, Iacovou explained that the Civil Aviation of the Cyprus Republic notified the Foreign Ministry last week, that a US-made aircraft had asked for permission to land at Tymbou.

''The Larnaca Airport Control Tower, of course, did not give the permission and the aircraft flew to Turkey. Later on, the same aircraft came back and landed at the illegal airport at Tymbou'', Iacovou said.

Iacovou did not exclude the possibility that the aircraft began its journey from Turkey, since, ''although Turkey is part of the Eurocontrol, flights that start from Turkey are not submitted to Eurocontrol. It is also possible that the aircraft took off from an airport of a country that is not member of the Eurocontrol''.

He dismissed media reports that the event with the aircraft and the issue of Macedonia are connected with an American plan to recognise the illegal regime in occupied Cyprus, branded ''legally invalid'' by UN resolutions. Only Turkey has recognised it.

''I rule out this possibility (of recognition) and I donít believe that those events are in any way connected with each other'', Iacovou said.

Regarding the recognition of FYROM by the US with the name ''Republic of Macedonia'', the Cypriot minister said, ''the decision of the US government at this particular time is strange. This was done without any prior consultation with Greece and the Greek politicians were informed about it by the Media. For diplomacy, this is entirely unacceptable'', he pointed out.

Regarding the official visit of Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis to Cyprus later this week, Iacovou said that delegations from both countries would discuss the Cyprus problem, Turkey's European course, the issue of FYROM, as well as other EU developments.

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