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CMP wants progress to be achieved on missing persons’ issue
2004-11-09 16:44:04

Nicosia, Nov 9 (CNA) – The members of the Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus (CMP) “are extremely desirous of ensuring progress towards” reconciliation and restoration of human rights on both sides of the divide, a statement has said here Tuesday.

Noting that the CMP has closed its 84th session which started on 30th August 2004 after holding 14 meetings at the Ledra Palace in Nicosia, the statement said the committee’s enlarged mandate now covers completion of effective investigations, including the guidelines for investigations and criteria, as well as exhumations and identifications, as provided for in the special arrangement of 31 July 1997.

“The members are working on all fronts simultaneously”, stressed the CMP, adding that they are “preparing the ground to finalise their agreement with INFORCE Foundation, in particular in completing technical arrangements as well as in preparing the budget necessary to carry out the exhumations programme”.

In addition the “office of the Turkish Cypriot Member has been reorganized and its investigative team reinforced so that tangible results can be expected very soon”.

The CMP, the statement added, “is requesting INFORCE today to arrange to send, as soon as possible”, geophysicists to carry out survey work of some burial sites”.

Furthermore, it noted that “CMP is the only institutionalized bicommunal mechanism in Cyprus, and its success would represent an important step towards reconciliation and restoration of human rights on both sides. For this reason, the members of the CMP are extremely desirous of ensuring progress that end”.

The 85th session of the CMP will convene on 17 November and will be chaired by the Turkish Cypriot Member.

INFORCE, is the non-profit forensic science organization, with which an agreement in principle has been reached for exhumations in Cyprus.

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