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Students condemn pseudostate anniversary
2004-11-15 10:50:24

Nicosia, Nov 15 (CNA) -- Students across the government-controlled areas of the Republic condemned today the illegal declaration of the pseudostate in the Turkish occupied areas of the island, on 15 November 1983. At the same time they sent out a message that the struggle for Cyprus' reunification continues.

The main event was staged in Nicosia, where students marched down the main avenue of the capital towards Eleftheria (Freedom) Square and held a demonstration to denounce the illegal regime set up in the areas occupied by Turkish troops.

Students chanted slogans and adopted a resolution addressed to the UN, calling on the international community to develop new initiatives for a settlement based on a plan proposed by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan that would meet the concerns of the Greek Cypriots.

The resolution says that the students would continue ''to stand by our people in the struggle for a peaceful settlement of the Cyprus problem on the basis of a bizonal bicommunal federation, that would be based on the high level agreements of 1977 and 1979, the UN resolutions on Cyprus, the acquis communautaire and international law.''

The students call for a solution that would ''safeguard the human rights and freedoms of all legitimate inhabitants of the island, as well as the political equality of the two communities.''

The need for the reunification of the island and the rapprochement of the two communities figured largely in the slogans chanted and written on the banners of the students.

Among main slogans were ''Reunification is the only answer to the occupation,'' ''Unity - Solidarity - Struggle,'' ''Turkish troops out of Cyprus,'' ''Rapprochement with the Turkish Cypriots,'' ''Independence, Freedom, Democracy,'' and ''Peace cannot be obstructed in Cyprus.''

During the event, the students observed a one-minute's silence in memory of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

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