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Spokesman: Turkey not absolved of crime against Cyprus
2004-11-15 14:22:35

Nicosia, Nov 15 (CNA) -- Turkey cannot be absolved of its continuing occupation of Cyprus' northern areas because it claims it has done all it could towards a political settlement, by backing a UN-proposed solution plan, Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said here today.

''The illegal situation Ankara has created and maintains is not sidelined by claiming that Turkey has done its duty with regard to Cyprus by backing the UN (Annan) plan,'' the spokesman said on the anniversary of the unilateral declaration of independence by the Turkish Cypriot regime, which the UN has described as ''legally invalid.''

He said Ankara had no difficulty in accepting the plan as it satisfied almost all its demands.

''The fruit of illegality is not recognized and this is a fundamental doctrine of international law,'' he said, adding that the European Court of Human Rights has described the self-styled Turkish Cypriot regime ''a local subordinate administration to Turkey.''

UN Security Council resolution 550 called on all states ''not to recognise the purported state of the 'Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus', set up by secessionist acts and calls upon them not to facilitate or in any way assist the aforesaid secessionist entity.''

Responding to questions about the government's policy on the question of Cyprus, Chrysostomides called on everybody to stop claiming that neither the government nor other interested parties in the Cyprus question know what Nicosia wants with regard to changes in the Annan Plan.

He pointed out that Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos, in all his meetings, outlines his positions and everybody is well aware of the provisions of the Annan plan that led the Greek Cypriots to reject it.

Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots backed the plan, approved by 65 per cent in a referendum by the Turkish Cypriot community.

''There is no set menu, there are however our demands and I believe the argument that neither we nor interested foreign parties do not know what we are seeking has to stop,'' he added.

The Spokesman said the Greek Cypriot side is ready to resume the process towards a negotiated settlement when the appropriate circumstances exist.

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