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Cyprus outlines to EU positions on Turkey's EU prospects
2004-11-22 10:46:07

Nicosia, Nov 22 (CNA) - The Cypriot government has explicitly outlined to EU institutions its positions as regards Turkey's EU prospects, Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides has said.

He also noted that co-understanding between the Greek Cypriot political parties is pursued as regards Cyprus' further steps, in view of December 17, when the European Council will decide whether or not it will give Turkey a date to begin her accession negotiations.

Invited to say whether Nicosia's positions as regards Turkey's EU prospects have been handed over in writing to the EU Dutch Presidency, the Spokesman said that ''our positions have been outlined explicitly to EU instruments.''

''Our positions have been handed over to all those who needed to have them and the Minister of Foreign Affairs is in constant contact with his counterparts in view of the December 17 Council. The same also applies for the President of the Republic's visits abroad,'' he said.

Replying to questions, Chrysostomides reiterated that Turkey is obliged to recognise the Republic of Cyprus.

To a remark that Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Gul insists that Ankara will not recognise the Republic of Cyprus, the Spokesman said these are the positions of the Turkish Prime Minister, which he outlines publicly.

He also noted that within the EU framework a broad exchange of views takes place, issues are discussed and the best compromise is pursued.

''As you have seen, contacts with all parties have begun as well as the Troika's contacts with Turkey. All facts will be evaluated when the right time comes,'' he added.

Chrysostomides also said that ''the US supports the beginning of accession negotiations between Turkey and the EU.''

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