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Spokesman says Cyprus aspires to participate in all EU policies
2004-11-23 09:42:47

Nicosia, Nov 23 (CNA) - Cypriot Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said today that Cyprus wants to be an active, productive and constructive member of the European Union and aspires to participate in all EU policies.

Commenting on a proposal put forward yesterday by Minister of Defence Kyriakos Mavronicolas at the EU Foreign and Defence Ministers' Council for the participation of Cyprus in the Union's rapid deployment force, the Spokesman said Mavronicolas proposed that Cyprus participates in the force with a medical unit and places National Guard installations, ports and airports at the disposal of the EU.

Chrysostomides added that the issue is still being discussed and no conclusive decision has been reached for the formation of this EU force.

Replying to questions, the Spokesman explained that the proposal was submitted after discussions and a cabinet decision in unanimity.

Referring to the political significance of the government's proposal, the Spokesman said Cyprus wishes to participate in all EU policies, which ''tend to support the broader common foreign and security policy of the Union and are towards the common interest of all member states.''

Asked if Britain, which maintains military bases in Cyprus, may use these bases for EU rapid deployment force purposes, the Spokesman said this was a complicated issue with legal and political aspects.

''Everything will be examined,'' he said, adding that the matter may even be discussed in the EU framework.

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