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Cyprus has defined its course of action in view of EU December summit
2004-11-24 09:37:32

Larnaca, Nov 24 (CNA) – Several European countries believe that Turkey cannot ask for Cyprus' vote to start accession negotiations with the European Union and at the same time not recognize the Republic, Foreign Minister George Iacovou has stated.

Speaking at Larnaca airport upon arrival from Brussels, Iacovou said that the Cyprus Republic ''with clear thinking and a determined spirit'' has defined its own course of action and will brief accordingly all EU partners as well as EU institutions, which will play a decisive role in the drafting of the final document of the conclusions of the 17th December EU summit as regards Turkey''.

The summit will decide whether to open membership talks with Turkey, as recommended by the Commission in its report on Ankara's bid to join the Union.

On his participation in the EU General Affairs Council, he said the discussion focused on the methodology the Dutch Presidency will follow for the preparation of its conclusions on 17th December.

He added that various views were expressed with several countries saying that the Turkish bid to join the EU should be examined separately from the Croatian one, noting that this issue has already been decided.

The Foreign Minister departs today for Berlin for talks with his German counterpart and on Thursday he will be in Madrid ''for a refreshing of views with Mr. Moratinos, who exhibits great interest in Cyprus and in Turkey's European course».

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