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Cyprus has right to veto Turkey's EU course, notes Spokesman
2004-11-29 13:07:34

Nicosia, Nov 29 (CNA) - The Republic of Cyprus has the right to veto Turkey's accession path but this will be determined after a complete evaluation of the results of all European visits, as well as the contents of the conclusions and conditions, which will prevail until 17 December, Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said today.

He added that Cyprus does not wish to exercise veto or prevent Turkey's European course as long as Turkey acts in a European manner, adding that efforts continue and in a coordinated manner to achieve the best possible result by 17 December when the European Council will decide on Turkey's European bid.

To a remark that the first draft of the conclusions on Turkey to be arrived at by the European Council were expected today and how informed the government was on the issue Chrysostomides said ''efforts continue, the President's visits overseas continue, there is coordinated activity to achieve the best possible result by 17 December''.

Invited to elaborate, the Spokesman said ''we do not wish to exercise veto, we do not wish to prevent Turkey's accession course, but on the other hand, Turkey must act in a European manner for a more smoother development in our region and to create conditions of peace and safety and surely lift the illegality, within the framework of EU principles''.

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