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Cyprus' main interlocutor is Turkey, stresses Cyprus Spokesman
2004-11-29 13:08:35

Nicosia, Nov 29 (CNA) Cyprus' main interlocutor is surely Turkey, said today Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides, commenting on statements made by leader of the Republican Turkish Party in the Turkish occupied north, Mehmet Ali Talat.

Invited to comment on Talat's remark that the Greek Cypriot side wants to negotiate directly with Turkey, disregarding the illegal regime in the occupied north, Chrysostomides replied that the ''Republic's main interlocutor is surely Turkey''.

The Cypriot spokesman said the European Court of Human Rights has described the self-styled Turkish Cypriot regime ''a local subordinate administration to Turkey'' which is not recognized by anyone. Does Mr. Talat expect us to recognize it? Surely Turkey has the upper hand in the illegal creation in the occupied area of Cyprus'', he said.

Commenting on statements by Talat that the Greek Cypriots are preventing the economic upgrading of the Turkish Cypriots, the spokesman said ''this is nowhere near the truth''.

Chrysostomides explained the economic disparity in the occupied areas is a result of the occupation, of the 30 years of prohibiting the Turkish Cypriots to cross to the free areas, and by preventing any contact whatsoever between the two communities.

He also said that the adoption of the Turkish lira by the regime has resulted with the import of all of Turkey's economic problems.

He also said the Cyprus government has given the go ahead for the financial regulations on direct trade and financial assistance to the Turkish Cypriots amounting to 259 million euro. ''The Turkish Cypriot side insisted on adopting the regulation for direct trade simultaneously with that of the financial assistance, always aiming for political results'', the Spokesman noted.

Furthermore, he said, the Turkish Cypriot side has, in substance, refused to make use of the possibilities provided by the regulation on trade and movement of goods through the Green Line, which has already been adopted and is under effect.

''Therefore Mr. Talat should not blame our side for these issues'', Chrysostomides stressed.

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