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European Greens support viable Cyprus settlement
2004-12-01 09:50:20

Nicosia, Dec 1 (CNA) - The European Greens support a solution to the Cyprus problem that ''would be viable and long lasting, respect the basic rights of the people of Cyprus, as these are safeguarded in the European Constitution, demilitarise the island, dismantle all foreign military bases, and reunite its people.''

In a resolution adopted on the Cyprus issue at the first council meeting of the European Green Party / EFGP, which took place in Dublin from November 26 to 28, the European Greens also refer to Turkey's EU prospects, noting that ''Turkey should take the necessary steps in order to start the process of recognition of the Republic of Cyprus, in the perspective of Turkey's accession to the EU.''

''The EU, Turkey and the Republic of Cyprus should indicate a positive perspective towards a sustainable solution to the Cyprus problem and describe a time schedule for the withdrawal of the Turkish troops. The Cyprus government should not stand in the way of Turkey's accession path,'' they add.

They say ''the Cyprus issue remains unresolved, following the result of the referenda'' on a solution plan proposed by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, adding that ''it is now urgent to enhance the efforts that would bring the two communities together and get over the disappointment of not reaching a solution last April'' at the referenda.

The European Greens ''support the efforts of the EU to provide financial support to the Turkish Cypriots and bring an end to their economic isolation'' but at the same time ''wish to ensure a sustainable development on the island, which is especially threatened by hasty and mass tourism development.''

''Furthermore, the property rights of refugees should be ensured and European citizens must be informed that the selling and buying of property in the occupied area is illegal, unless the rightful owners have given their consent,'' the European Greens add.

Concluding their resolution, the European Greens ''identify that several environmental problems on the island, such as soil degradation from disused quarries, sea pollution, loss of biodiversity, unrestricted tourism development and intensive agriculture all over Cyprus need immediate action, which can only be successfully addressed by initiatives of the EU and especially the Green Group.''

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