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Greek Prime Minister: Non-recognition of Cyprus constitutes a paradoxy
2004-12-06 09:50:11

by Christa Nicolaou

Athens, Dec 4 (CNA) --- The non-recognition of the Republic of Cyprus by Turkey and the presence of the Turkish occupation army in Cyprus constitute a paradoxy, which is not compatible with what applies in Europe, Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis has said. Karamanlis warned Ankara that Turkey's attitude towards its neighbouring countries, including Cyprus, is being assessed by the EU.

Referring to the Cyprus problem, Karamanlis reiterated that Greece wants ''more than anything else a solution to the Cyprus problem. A functional and viable solution, based on the Annan plan, in accordance to the UN decisions and compatible with the acquis communautaire. A solution that will allow all people on the island to enjoy the benefits from the EU membership, in safety and stability''.

''The EU will finalize on December 17th its decisions for Turkey's European course. All political powers of the country have clarified that we support the European course of Turkey'', Greek Premier said, addressing today a meeting of the Central Committee of his party, New Democracy.

Karamanlis stressed that ''a Turkey in a European course can function for the benefit of all, its people, as well as its neighbours''.

He added that 'the course of Turkey towards the EU depends first of all on Turkey itself. It depends on Turkey's ability to converge with the Union's acquis communautaire, as regards constitution, economy and politics''.

He said ''it also depends on Turkey's respond to the fundamental criteria that apply for every country that wishes to become a member of the European family, such its domestic situation, the respect of religious freedoms and rights of minorities, its foreign policy, the respect of International Law and its stance towards the Republic of Cyprus.''

''The non recognition of the Republic of Cyprus and the presence of Turkish troops in the northern part of the island constitute a paradoxy, which is not compatible with the philosophy, the institutional and political reality, ruling the functionality of the European family'', the Greek Premier stressed.

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