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Turkey obliged to recognize the Cyprus Republic, says Cypriot President
2004-12-06 09:55:20

Limassol, Dec 4 (CNA)-- Turkey is obliged to recognize the Republic of Cyprus, Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos said today, adding that the Cypriot government is trying to convince the European Union that the recognition of all ten new EU member states is a precondition required by the acquis communautaire.

Asked whether he thinks that after yesterday's meeting in Turkey on Cyprus there will be a new initiative for the solution of the Cyprus question, Papadopoulos said he could not make any prediction, reiterating that the Greek Cypriot side is ready for a new initiative.

''We believe that Turkey is obliged to recognize the Republic of Cyprus and its' unconceivable to recognize us only momentarily,'' when Cyprus will cast its vote as regards Turkey, during the EU Summit in December, the President said replying to questions as regards Ankaras' position not to recognize the Republic of Cyprus.

Replying to a comment that Ankara has toughened its stance as regards the issue of recognition of the Republic of Cyprus, Papadopoulos noted that the Turkish stance on this issue has never been mild.

''I don't think there has been ever a milder stance, it was always the same'', he said.

Asked whether he believes a new initiative on Cyprus will take place after yesterday's meeting in Ankara between the Turkish Government and Turkish Cypriot politicians, Papadopoulos replied that he couldn't make any prediction.

''Our hope is there. We have always stated that we are ready for a new initiative, for the recommencement of the talks for a solution to the Cyprus problem'', he said.

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