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Cyprus President: No moves on the question of Cyprus
2004-12-09 16:10:49

Nicosia, Dec 9 (CNA) -- Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos said here today that at present there is no movement in the question of Cyprus and wished there was some.

''I wish there were some movement in the Cyprus issue,'' he told journalists who had suggested there was, following Wednesday's request by the UN Secretary General for funds to subsidise his special adviser and his team for 2005, should some movement towards a political settlement resume.

President Papadopoulos said Kofi Annan's request for such funding was a matter of routine, which happens on an annual basis.

Echoing the President's remarks, his Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said Annan's request to the fifth Committee of the UN General Assembly is a ''standard procedure'' to tackle any eventuality.

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