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Cyprus hopes remaining 20 Cypriots in southeast Asia will be found
2004-12-28 10:01:59

Nicosia, Dec 28 (CNA) -- Hopes that the remaining twenty Cypriots who are still unaccounted for in the devastating quake and tsunamis that followed in south-east Asia will be located today, said Foreign Ministry Permanent Secretary Sotos Zackheos.

He told CNA that 12 Cypriot nationals who traveled to Athens in the early hours from Phuket, Thailand, on a special Olympic Airways flight, are scheduled to return to the island this morning while four British Cypriots who were on the same flight, were expected to leave for the UK via Athens. .

Regarding the 20 Cypriots where the authorities had no information about by midnight, Zackheos said he was optimistic because the father of one the Cypriots telephoned a radio station and said his son informed him that he was in good health and with another 20 persons

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