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Bi-communal Youth Forum says April referenda not end of road
2004-12-28 10:15:48

Nicosia, Dec 28 (CNA) -- Greek and Turkish Cypriot youth organisations forming the Bi-Communal Youth Forum said here today that the April referenda on a UN comprehensive settlement plan was not the end of the road for Cyprus.

The Bi-Communal Youth Forum held a conference in the coastal resort of Ayia Napa on December 4-5, that resulted to a six-point common declaration which was read out today by Christos Christofides, on behalf of the Greek Cypriot youth organisations, and Atif Mouazine on behalf of the Turkish Cypriot youth organisations.

In their declaration, the Youth Forum called on the international community and especially the United Nations and the European Union to undertake a new initiative to allay the Greek Cypriot concerns so that a comprehensive settlement to the Cyprus problem could be achieved.

Reaffirming all their previous declarations and their commitment for a peaceful solution to the Cyprus problem, Greek and Turkish Cypriot youth note that they ''look forward to a united Cyprus, where the Acquis Communautaire and the UN Charter will safeguard the basic human rights and fundamental freedoms as well as the political equality of the two communities.''

''Our struggle for peace and reunification has come to a new point with the April 24 referenda,'' the declaration writes, adding ''the April referenda were not the end of the road. The end of the road will only be the solution and the reunification of Cyprus.''

''We share a common vision with regard to the future of our common homeland. A vision of a free, united, independent, sovereign and demilitarised Cyprus, where all its children will live in conditions of peace, security and prosperity'', the declaration notes.

Greek Cypriot and Turkish youth organisations call on the international community and particularly the UN the EU to undertake as soon as possible a new initiative on the Cyprus problem through which ways and means will be sought to safeguard the legitimate concerns of the Greek Cypriot community in the UN plan, without reopening the whole plan for negotiations, which remains the basis to achieve a comprehensive settlement to the Cyprus problem.

''Such a development will greatly facilitate the pro-peace forces in the Greek Cypriot community to encourage the people in order to reach a solution in the period ahead'', the declaration writes.

Reiterating their determination to double their efforts for the reunification of their common island, the Bi-communal Youth Forum notes that ''a solution is more than ever necessary to all concerned,'' adding that ''time is not working in favour of either community.''

Chistofides said the declaration is of big political importance because it shows that there is will and common basis for the solution of the Cyprus problem as soon as possible so that Greek and Turkish Cypriots could live peacefully following a functional and viable settlement to the Cyprus problem.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkish troops invaded and occupied 37 per cent of its territory.

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