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Cyprus protests to UN over violations by Turkish military planes
2004-12-29 10:44:07

Nicosia, Dec 29 (CNA) -- Cyprus’ Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Andreas Mavroyiannis, in a letter to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, has protested the new mass violations of the national airspace of the Republic of Cyprus and the Nicosia Flight Information Region (FIR) by Turkish military aircraft between the second week of November until 15 December 2004.

An official press release said in his letter, Mavroyiannis notes that it has been repeatedly pointed out that such actions are in flagrant violation of international law and air traffic regulations and seriously endanger international civil aviation.

He calls on Turkey to immediately end this practice and respect the Republic of Cyprus’ sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

Mavroyiannis also calls on the Turkish government to contribute in creating the necessary conditions to achieve progress on the Cyprus problem.

Turkish troops have been occupying 37 per cent of Cyprus territory since 1974, in violation of repeated UN resolutions calling for their withdrawal.

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