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Cyprus to observe three-minutes silence, flags to fly at half mast
2005-01-03 10:55:09

Nicosia, Jan 2 (CNA) -- Cyprus, along with the rest of its European Union partners, will observe a three-minutes silence on Wednesday and flags will fly at half mast in commemoration of the victims of the disaster in Southeast ASia and in solidarity with the population in the affected countries, Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides told CNA today.

''Cyprus joins in the international grief and mourning for the loss of thousands of people in Southeast Asia as a result of the disaster in that region'', said Chrysostomides.

He said that the current EU presidency, Luxembourg, in consultation with its predecessor The Netherlands, has called on member states to observe at noon on Wednesday three minutes of mourning in silence and to fly flags at half mast.

''Cyprus, as on past occasions, will participate in the mourning of the people in the sticken areas and will show its solidarity with those who are suffering by observing the three-minute silence, as requested by the EU,'' he added.

Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos, in his New Year message, called on all Cypriots to contribute to the world effort to alleviate the suffering of others by giving whatever they can.

Local municipalities cancelled New Year's Eve celebrations and decided to donate money, which would have otherwise been spent on festivities, to the people of Southeast Asia.

The church of Cyprus has announced it will have a special collection after Sunday's service for the victims of the terrible earthquake that cause huge tidal waves and led to the death of thousands of people.

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