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Cyprus ready to air further assistance to Sri Lanka
2005-01-05 13:22:51

Nicosia, Jan 5 (CNA) – Antibiotics and vaccinations valued at 45 thousand pounds as well as staple commodities, offered by the Republic of Cyprus for the victims of the southeast Asia tsunami, were transported to Larnaca Airport today where they will be flown to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The pharmaceutical material was collected at the Civil Defence central offices in Nicosia and was overseen by Minister of Interior and acting Minister of Health Andreas Christou this morning.

Christou said the aid collected was the result of the coordination of a number of efforts by the Civil Defence, Foreign Ministry and Pharmaceutical Services Department and will be given to Cyprus’ Consul in Colombo for distribution where needed.

He further said it was not the last load of aid and that another shipment is being prepared to be sent to Indonesia on an EU aircraft.

Sri Lanka’s Honourary Consul to Cyprus, Doros Ieropoulos thanked the government and the Cypriot people on behalf of the government of Sri Lanka for the “overwhelming response to the crisis”.

The Interior Minister expressed regret over the death of thousands of people, and appealed to Cypriots to contribute to the fund raising campaign, noting that one Cyprus pound can feed a child for a week or purchase four vaccinations.

"The value of one pound might be negligible in Cyprus, but very important for these countries. We might not be many, but we are enough to help the stricken countries", he added.

Christou also said that it was decided to show the greatest support to people from south-east Asia working in Cyprus both here and overseas.

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