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Excavations begin in occupied north to locate graves
2005-01-05 13:24:10

Nicosia, Jan 5 (CNA) – Greek Cypriot member of the Committee of Missing Persons (CMP), Elias Georghiades said today’s start of excavations to locate graves in the Turkish occupied north of the island was a small step in the right direction.

Georghiades confirmed to CNA that INFORCE foundation from Britain, which has agreed with the CMP to undertake exhumation work on both sides in Cyprus with regard to Turkish and Greek Cypriot missing persons, began work today in the Turkish occupied village of Trahonas in Nicosia to locate graves and expressed hope that these will cotninue and there will be a result.

He said this period was very critical and because of the sensitivity of the issue, he called on everyone concerned to exhibit self-restraint and avoid statements or articles which might encumber the situation instead of helping the process.

Asked about the progress in the investigative work, Georghiades said that unfortunately there is still nothing which might come close to what the relatives of the missing are expecting, adding that their rights should be fully respected.

Georghiades expressed optimism, adding that efforts should continue.

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